About the Author

Dr. Gwen E. Brannum is an advocate of education, and she is committed to being a life-long student.
After graduating from High School in Detroit Michigan, she has continued her educational journey
by attending community colleges, universities, technical institutions, Bible Colleges, and Seminary.
As a result, Dr. Brannum has gained a wealth of insight both spiritually and naturally.
From a spiritual perspective, she has received an Associate of Theology, Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies,
Master of Arts in Christian Education, Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling, and Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Business.

Dr. Brannum is an entrepreneur and humanitarian.
As an entrepreneur, she has founded various organizations including
Apostolic Pentecostal Truth Ministry, Inc. (1992),
Apostolic Pentecostal Truth Ministries, Inc. (2005), Gwen Brannum Ministries, LLC. (2005),
Proven to Succeed Ministries, Inc. (2011), Proven to Succeed Day Care, Inc. (2011), and
Proven to Succeed Child Development Center, Inc. (2015) - in honor of
The Boundless Master Builder.

As a Christian business owner, Dr. Brannum declares
the key to her success is adhering to the principles revealed in
"The Master Builder's Blueprint for Building Enduring Wealth".